Readers’ Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Readers’ Quiz that we introduced in the January/February 2009 issue of Legion Magazine.

  1. The Distant Early Warning Line or DEW Line. It was built by the United States government and designed to detect incoming Soviet bombers.
  2. The Maple Leaf. The name has been resurrected for the weekly newspaper of the Canadian Forces.
  3. John Robert Osborn. Osborn led a bayonet charge to Mount Butler and later in the fighting threw himself on a Japanese grenade in order to save the lives of the men around him.
  4. The Ross rifle. Developed by Sir Charles Ross, the Ross rifle was an adequate hunting rifle but jammed with repeated firing and in less than ideal conditions.
  5. The Veterans Charter. New legislation introduced in 2006 aimed at helping veterans and serving members of the Canadian Forces and their families is often called the New Veterans Charter.

Look for another quiz in the March/April issue.