Month: January 2008


The Threat Becomes Real: Navy, Part 25

By the summer of 1940 the Atlantic littoral of Europe was in the hands of the dominant land power of the age, and its army was poised to invade the British Isles. With access to the range and bases on the North Atlantic, Germany had dramatically improved its strategic position over what it had during World War I. And all of this was coupled with significant improvements in technology. In contrast to the coal-fired propulsion that shaped events between 1914-18, Germany's oil-fired warships of 1940 possessed tremendous range. Moreover, Germany had developed a fleet of auxiliary tankers to provide underway replenishment for it...

A Shot of Prevention

January can be the cruellest month north of the 49th parallel; it is the height of the flu season, during which up to one in four Canadians will get sick. Influenza and resulting bacterial infections kill roughly 6,700 Canadians each year and send 75,000 to hospital. And tens of thousands more become less severely ill; those with jobs will miss about three days of work, on average, and when they do drag themselves back, their productivity will suffer for as much as two weeks. So preventing spread of the flu has substantial health and economic benefits. Enter the annual flu vaccination campaign. "We know vaccination decrease...

Shaped by Sacrifice

It is bright and clear and the air is crisp as the first people arrive, many laden with blankets and cushions, more than two hours early to stake out their positions for the Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial. In the end, one of the largest crowds ever--some 30,000 people--gathered in the sunshine around the memorial and on the slopes leading up to the Parliament Buildings. Some came to remember those who have died or served in past wars; others to honour serving members of the Canadian Forces; and some to pass the torch to future generations. "My granny was seven when the war started," said six-year-old Gianna Cox. Her parents, Matthew and Cathie, brought Gianna and four-year-old brother Barton to the ceremonies to cement the lessons from school and home about th...



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