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Day: July 1, 2007

O Canada

Exploring David Thompson

PHOTOS: THE DAVID THOMPSON BRIGADE; ILLUSTRATION: C.W. JEFFERYS, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—C073573 Clockwise from top left: A brigade logo; members of today's David Thompson Brigade; a sketch of the explorer using a sextant to take an observation; a section of the Columbia River; one of the many mountain passes Thompson travelled through. In late June, as schools across the country closed for the summer and families prepared for their annual vacations, 67-year-old Norm Crerar planned to slip into an eight-metre (25-foot) wood-and-Fiberglas canoe with five other paddling enthusiasts at Canal Flats, deep in the southeast corner of British Columbia. Crerar and his team were to lead the David Tho...

The Arielli Show: Army, Part 71

PHOTOS: ALEX STIRTON, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA201357; PA201776; PA177097 Clockwise from top: A Canadian tank kicks up the dust as it passes near Ortona, Italy, in early 1944; treating a casualty, Italy, January 1944; a Canadian private gets a haircut near Ortona, Italy, in January 1944. General Bernard Montgomery's "colossal crack" of December 1943, an advance by 8th Army to Pescara and the lateral road to Rome, was intended to outflank the enemy positions at Cassino. By late December it was evident that these operations had stalled. The battles fought "in a sea of mud" under the most miserable conditions were consuming 8th Army, which had suffered more than 10,000 batt...
Air Force

Flyboys In The Great Escape: Air Force, Part 22

ILLUSTRATION: ROBERT MARSHALL BUCKHAM, CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM, 19850397-024 Clockwise from top: A painting, titled Card Game, depicts prisoners passing a bit of time; George Harsh; Wally Floody. The Great Escape has become almost an advertising cliché, from vacation planning to retirement programs. In spite of such modern obfuscation, the original Great Escape remains one of the most famous events of World War II. Capping a two-year project, 76 British, Commonwealth and Allied prisoners of war (out of a planned 200) broke out of Stalag Luft III, Sagan (now Zagen, Poland), via a 101-metre tunnel on the night of March 24-25, 1944. In the next few days, all but ...

Dispatching The Destroyers: Navy, Part 22

PHOTOS: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA104242; PA104272; PA104438 Clockwise from top: His Majesty's Canadian Ship Saguenay off Halifax in the fall of 1940; ratings man an anti-aircraft gun; a 1940 inspection of HMCS Restigouche. The German landings in Norway in April 1940 were a portend. The Phoney War had ended and with the spring came the long expected German assault on the Low Countries and France. That attack started in earnest on May 10 with German forces pouring through Belgium and quickly crushing resistance in the Netherlands. Allied armies seemed helpless. Senior planners had stretched their forces thin in an attempt to be strong everywhere, and so th...
O Canada

Bones In The Badlands

PHOTO: DAN BLACK The Royal Tyrrell Museum's cast of a woolly mammoth. In seconds the classroom in Red Deer, Alta., erupts into a loud and prolonged burst of "Ewwwww!" followed by a short, but audible, "That's gross!" Tucked in between those expressions--and originating from somewhere near the back of the class--is a separate, calmer voice, declaring: "Cool!" A hand-sized clump of fossilized dung--possibly dino dung--is what the students at St. Patrick's Community School are reacting to on this sunny day in March 2007. What's also interesting is that the fossil and the students are not even in the same city, let alone the same room. They a...
Defence Today

Families Of Injured Soldiers Get Legion Support

PHOTOS: DOMINION COMMAND Dominion President Jack Frost presents a $20,000 donation to Kathy Gregory for the Fisher House in Landstuhl, Germany. Families visiting injured Canadian soldiers coming from Afghanistan can rest in some comfort with help from a $20,000 donation made by The Royal Canadian Legion to Fisher House in Landstuhl, Germany. There are two Fisher homes in Landstuhl across the street from the Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre, the large American hospital that has also offered care to Canada's wounded soldiers. More than 200 Canadian soldiers have been wounded or injured during operations in Afghanistan; dozens of them have been ...

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