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Month: November 2006


Dieppe: Return To Red Beach

PHOTOS: KELLY-ANNE CAMPBELL Clockwise from top left: At Dieppe, Sister Agnes Marie Valois of France and Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment commanding officer Lt.-Col. Phil Berthiaume participate in the ceremony commemerating the sacrifices of the Essex Scottish; Dieppe veterans (from left) James McArthur and Harold Scharfe; Essex and Kent Scottish corporals Mike Timmermans (left) and Greg Rowden at the monument; a view along the esplanade at Dieppe. As the sounds of bagpipes washed over the pebbled beaches, the reservists of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment, in full highland regalia, began their march from the water's edge--retracing the steps of their regimental forebears who launched the ill-fated attack on Die...
O Canada

Manitoba’s Rural Splendour

Photography by Jeannette Greaves PHOTOS: JEANNETTE GREAVES Clockwise from top: The St. Leon Wind Farm forms the backdrop for bales of hay in rural Manitoba; time for refreshments on the Greaves family farm; Souris boasts Canada's longest cable-stayed suspension foot bridge. Jeannette Greaves says it's difficult to "put down in writing" a full description of the beauty that surrounds her and her family, especially this time of year in rural Manitoba. "It's just so much of a feeling," says the photographer, who farms with her family at a tiny little place called Deerwood, 80 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg in the Pembina Valley. "Deerwood was once a town, but we are the only remaining house here now," she says. "But this is not to say ther...
Defence Today

Fighting The Old-Fashioned Way

PHOTO: SGT. DENNIS POWER, ARMY NEWS-SHILO A soldier from 1 Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry does sentry duty from a LAV III at Forward Operating Base Robinson near Kandahar. The first contingent of Canadian soldiers assigned to duty in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan is now back and a second rotation to that battle-scarred area is under way. Last spring the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper secured a parliamentary mandate to extend the Kandahar mission to at least 2009. The Kandahar mission has turned out to be every bit as dangerous as Chief of the Defence Staff General Rick Hillier and former minister of National Defence Bill Graham warned Canadian...
Defence Today

Canada’s New Special Ops

PHOTOS: ADAM DAY Top: CSOR candidates rappel from a helicopter. Inset left: With the mock attack on the factory complete, a CSOR candidate quickly withdraws. Inset right: CSOR's first commander, Lt.-Col. Jamie Hammond. It's after midnight and we're surrounded by hostile gunmen at an abandoned mental institution northwest of Kamloops, B.C. We don't know much about the bad guys or why they don't like us, but we do know that four choppers full of Canada's new commandos are coming to get us out. It's a very dark July night and it will be no picnic to land the blacked-out helicopters among all the buildings, fences and electrical wires in this complex. The potential for rotor-...
Valour To The End: Part 18 of 18
Canada & the Victoria Cross

Valour To The End: Part 18 of 18

ILLUSTRATIONS: SHARIF TARABAY Clockwise from top left: Victoria Cross recipients David Vivian Currie, Aubrey Cosens, Frederick Albert Tilston and Frederick George Topham. During the World War II campaign in Northwest Europe, which lasted from D-Day, June 6, 1944, until the German surrender in May 1945, four Canadian soldiers--David Vivian Currie, Aubrey Cosens, Frederick Albert Tilston and Frederick George Topham--earned Victoria Crosses. There is a photograph taken in August 1944 at St-Lambert-sur-Dives, France, that shows Currie with pistol in hand, accepting the surrender of a German officer. Tanks and buildings are smouldering in the background. The noted Canadian military historian, C.P. Stacey, described the scene "as close as we are likely to come to a photograph of a man win...

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