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  • Riding The Cycling Craze

    September 1, 2006 by Jeffrey S. Murray
    PHOTO: HOWARD MORTON BROWN, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—C002624 An 1800s bicycle owner in Ottawa. “If this craze for bicycle riding continues much longer our livery stable men will have to close down,” warned the editorial in the Fort Macleod Gazette in the early 1890s. “The...
  • The Battle Of Britain: Air Force, Part 17

    September 1, 2006 by Hugh A. Halliday
    The Battle of Britain looms large in the history of World War II. It also represented the first commitment of the Royal Canadian Air Force to combat in that war, although the Canadian role was small compared to future operations. PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA037470...
  • The Advance To The Moro: Army, Part 66

    September 1, 2006 by Terry Copp
    PHOTOS: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA142067 From top: A bulldozer pulls an anti-tank gun across a swollen river near Colle d’Anchise, Italy, in October 1943; Canadian soldiers cover their ears while firing a mortar. By late October 1943, information from Ultra provided evidence of the enemy’s...
  • Building A Scrappy Little Navy: Navy, Part 17

    September 1, 2006 by Marc Milner
    PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA116982 HMCS Fraser leaves Vancouver in 1937. In the aftermath of the first Czech crisis of early 1938, Canada’s prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, vacationed in Bermuda where he spent two long afternoons chatting with Admiral Sir Sydney Meyrick, commander-in-chief...
  • Planning For The Day After

    September 1, 2006 by John M. Robertson
    PHOTOS: ALF SPENCE Provincial cabinet ministers tour the Nanaimo, B.C., HQ in 1958. Inset: the author in the broadcast station. The Cold War seemed to some of us a much hotter possibility in the 1950s. The United States and the Soviet Union were poised to...
  • They Were Young As We Are Young

    September 1, 2006 by Tom MacGregor
    It was plain to see that the Veterans Affairs Canada pilgrimage to mark the 90th anniversary of the battles of Beaumont Hamel and the Somme would not be one involving World War I veterans, but it would certainly be about remembrance–with special emphasis on today’s...
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