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Day: July 1, 2006

Defence Today

Unravelling Sudan

Clockwise from top: Lt.-Col. Michael Goodspeed visits war orphans in Juba; a little girl takes a break from her sweeping duties at the pit where wood carvings are made; a typical family dwelling in southern Sudan. On the edge of a junky field in Juba, southern Sudan, there's a small group of war orphans who sleep in the dirt and work all day to make carvings for the African tourist trade. Among them is a tiny girl of about seven or eight who sweeps up wood shavings to stay alive. You can visit her if you want, she'll certainly be glad you came. When Canadian Forces Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Goodspeed stopped by the carving pit in November, the girl took a break from swee...
Defence Today

Training For Kandahar

Two local combatants and a member of Task Force Afghanistan (centre) stand guard during a meeting between Canadian and Afghan leaders. He'd been driving me around Kandahar province for almost an hour before I realized the guy was probably a Taliban spy. Sure, he was friendly, but it just didn't add up. His long shaggy beard and traditional Afghan clothes were pretty standard for the region, but his apparently precise knowledge of the Canadian Forces' movements and operations was not. Furthermore, he had some fake American money--emblazoned with George Bush's head--tucked into the truck's dashboard. He said he used the money to pay off local village leader...
War Art

Gertrude Kearns

CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM--19950091-001 Gertrude Kearns's paintings focus on expression as well as the inner thoughts of her subjects. From top: Dallaire #3; The Dilemma of Kyle Brown. Gertrude Kearns has attracted a lot of press as a war artist over the last few years. Much of it centred on her painting Somalia #2, Without Conscience, which is one of five of her works on display in the Canadian War Museum. This graphic piece depicts Canadian soldier Clayton Matchee, who in 1993 was serving in Somalia with the now-disbanded Airborne Regiment, holding a metal bar against the neck of Somali teenager Shidane Arone. The painting became the focal point of much heated di...
Three In Italy:  Part 16 of 18
Canada & the Victoria Cross

Three In Italy: Part 16 of 18

ILLUSTRATIONS: Sharif Tarabay From top: Victoria Cross recipients Paul Triquet, John Keefer Mahony and Ernest Alvia Smokey Smith. As a result of the Allied conquest of Sicily in July and August 1943, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was overthrown. Although the new Italian government surrendered on Sept. 3, the Germans immediately seized control of the mainland. That same day--during the wee hours of the morning--1st Canadian Division and 1st Canadian Army Tank Brigade crossed the Strait of Messina and met little or no resistance when they landed on the toe of Italy. The Germans had decided to bide their time and prepare for the advance t...

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