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Day: July 1, 2006

O Canada

The Lady Of Labrador

PHOTOS: MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND From top: Mina Hubbard and her party around a campfire during the 1905 expedition; Mina Hubbard does the laundry; the men get a bite to eat during the trek. In an era when a woman in New York City was arrested for smoking and Canadian women were denied the right to vote, Mina Hubbard single-handedly assembled and led an expedition through the wilds of Labrador and northern Quebec to a remote Hudson's Bay outpost on Ungava Bay. Her mission--fuelled by allegations that her husband's 1903 expedition had failed due to incompetence--was to become the first person to accurately map the waterways of one of the most isolated areas of Canada. And to do that, she had to leave her comfortable surroundings ...

Pushing To Campobasso: Army, Part 65

PHOTO: DWIGHT E. DOLAN, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA144106; ILLUSTRATION: PETER DE GANNES DESIGN Soldiers rest on top of a tank at San Marco, Italy, in October 1943. Throughout the Italian Campaign senior Allied commanders were able to obtain a running commentary on German intentions, courtesy of Ultra. By 1943, the code-breakers at Bletchley Park, the British government's communications headquarters situated 80 kilometres northwest of London, were reading messages encrypted by the German forces on Enigma machines with minimum delays. At both 8th and 5th army headquarters, a small group of officers and non-commissioned officers--known as the Signals ...

Under The Imperial Influence: Navy, Part 16

PHOTOS: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA131802; EDWARD DINSMORE, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA190916; LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA200422 Clockwise from top: Rear-Admiral L.W. Murray (right foreground) aboard HMCS Assiniboine at St. John's in August 1942; Winston Churchill at Halifax in 1943; Vice-Admiral Percy Nelles as chief of the naval staff. By the time Commodore Percy Walker Nelles, the first cadet ever to enter the Royal Canadian Navy, took over as chief of the naval staff in January 1934, the question of whether there would even be a Canadian navy had ceased to be a political issue. His predecessor, Walter Hose, had steered the navy through the worst of the Depression, and so by the tim...
Air Force

Canada's Yanks: Air Force, Part 16

PHOTOS: CANADIAN FORCES--PL40411; PL8566 From top: Leading Aircraftman George Stephens (left) chats with American Lieutenant A.A. Harrington who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and then transferred to the United States Army Air Force in 1943; a New Zealander (left) and four Americans pose during their training in Canada in 1941. Canada declared war on Germany on Sept. 10, 1939. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) had been expanding in anticipation of this; now it fairly exploded, doubling in size within four months. Meanwhile, on Dec. 17, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand signed an agreement creating the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). Canada was about to become a v...
O Canada

Islands In The Gulf

PHOTOS: C. CHEADLE, PARKS CANADA; RAY EAGLE From top: The Southern Gulf Islands are a kayaker's paradise; a mountain-top view towards Salt Spring's Fulford Harbour. When Victoria-bound tourists take the ferry from Vancouver's Tsawwassen terminal to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island, they travel on a southwesterly route toward a string of slender islands. And just when it seems like the islands form a solid barrier, a gap appears and the passengers find themselves in Active Pass, the winding body of water separating the islands of Galiano and Mayne. To the north--rising above Galiano's shoreline--are tree-covered bluffs. On either side of the pass are large and...
Defence Today

Eye On Defence: Changed Thinking On The Military

PHOTO: ADAM DAY Captain Sam Perreault, a CF reservist deployed in Sudan, discusses troop movements near Juba with an officer of the Sudan People's Liberation Army. It wasn't long after the election of Jan. 23 before a number of differences emerged between the military and defence postures of Paul Martin's and Stephen Harper's governments. For one thing, Prime Minister Harper's first trip abroad was to Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the high point coming in a two-day visit to the Canadians serving in Kandahar, an overnight stay at Kandahar airfield, and a commitment to the troops that Canada wouldn't cut and run from there when the going got tough. For another, the spee...

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