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  • Border Bullies

    November 1, 2005 by John Boileau
    PHOTOS: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—CO78979, C088945; ILLUSTRATION: BARBARA SPURLL Workers pose for a photo while clearing trees on the 49th parallel in 1861. British officers meet on San Juan Island in the 1800s. Canada is a border nation. Over 75 per cent of us live...
  • Establishing The Naval Reserve: Navy, Part 12

    November 1, 2005 by Marc Milner
    PHOTO: DAVID KNUDSEN, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA–PA126720 His Majesty’s Canadian Ships Skeena, Saguenay and St. Laurent visit Bermuda in the 1930s. The Royal Canadian Navy’s survival and prosperity between the wars depended on two key individuals: Commodore Walter Hose, RCN, the director and later first...
  • Up With Mail: Air Force, Part 12

    November 1, 2005 by Hugh A. Halliday
    PHOTO: CANADIAN FORCES A Vickers Vancouver collects mail at Havre-Saint-Pierre, Que., in 1932. The first airmail flight in Canada was a military affair, organized by the Aerial League of the British Empire and the Royal Air Force. Captain Brian Peck, an instructor in the Canadian-based...
  • From Leonforte To Agira: Army, Part 61

    November 1, 2005 by Terry Copp
    PHOTO: JACK H. SMITH, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA–PA151748 Members of the Royal Canadian Artillery fire on an enemy position near Nissoria, Sicily, in July 1943. Sicily is an island of extremes and in July, when the sun shines for 11 hours a day, temperatures often...
  • PHOTO: TOM MacGREGOR Veterans ride in a WW II jeep during the march past. Many years ago, John Ford was unfortunate enough to be a prisoner of war in Japan and forced to perform slave labour in the dockyard at Nagasaki. It was there that...
  • Putting A Face To Remembrance

    November 1, 2005 by Adam Day
    From top: Pilgrims hold a Remembrance ceremony in a Canadian war cemetery in France; At the Leopold Canal, MacDonald (right) tells John Goheen (second from left) and the pilgrims his memories of the battle. It was a strange and dangerous coincidence for the pilgrims. On...
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