Month: September 2005

Defence Today

Reporting From The Front

PHOTOS: STEPHEN J. THORNE; LEGION MAGAZINE ARCHIVES Clockwise from top: Stephen J. Thorne relaxes with soldiers in Afghanistan; Canwest Global writer Matthew Fisher; the CBC's Bob Bowman reports amid World War II rubble; filmmaker Garth Pritchard on assignment. A few years ago, I was sitting with some Canadian paratroopers about to embark on a combat mission in the mountains of Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan when the subject of my survival came up. Like countless soldiers over the past 150 years or so, they were wondering why a civilian--a journalist--was there when he didn't have to be and what I would do to defend myself if the need arose. The soldiers wanted to equip...
Defence Today

Eye On Defence: General Hillier's Challenge

PHOTO: SGT. FRANK HUDECK, CANADIAN FORCES COMBAT CAMERA General Rick Hillier has set the tone for the Canadian Forces with the Defence Policy Statement issued in April. As of this writing, in early July, no one seems quite sure of the eventual fate of the Defence Policy Statement issued April 19. Some of the people who work for the director general of Public Affairs have been told adamantly not to refer to it as a "white paper." A white paper is usually defined as a policy statement that is definitive and which is issued only after wide consultation with the public and various interested parties. The 1994 Defence White Paper emerged only after such consultation, ...
War Art

Elaine Goble

CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM—AN20010243-001 Remembrance Day 2000. In the mid-1990s, Elaine Goble created a portrait of six veterans at a Remembrance Day ceremony. A few years later she drew her eight-year-old daughter listening to an elderly woman tell stories about her experiences during and after World War II. Goble noticed that while her daughter was trying to be polite, she was wriggling with inattention. The artist knew then she needed to search out and depict these survivors of war. "I spent the first 35 years of my life trying to figure out how to give back and I thought this is the launching point," she said. That process...
Canada & the Victoria Cross

On The Offensive In 1918: Part 11 of 18

The only award of the Victoria Cross to a Canadian in World War I outside the European theatre stems from heroic action in the Middle East in May 1918. It happened during a vicious battle for the occupation of Jerusalem and the capture of Jericho from the Turks. ILLUSTRATIONS: SHARIF TARABAY From left to right starting at top: Victoria Cross recipients Robert Edward Cruickshank; John Bernard Croak; Jean Brillant; Herman James Good; Harry Garnet Bedford Miner; Raphael Louis Zengel; Frederick George Coppins; Alexander Picton Brereton; James Edward Tait; Thomas Dinesen; Charles Smith Rutherford; Robert Spall and William Hew Clark-Kennedy. Robert Edward Cruickshank When Private Eddie Cruickshank's platoon of the ...

Access To Medical Records

PHOTO: METROPOLIS STUDIO Your insurance company wants to know if you've ever had jaundice. Your children want information about a blood disease that runs in your family. You want to find out if you've ever been prescribed a medication that's now making headlines for long-term side effects. Unless you have a perfect memory, you likely can't recall these sorts of details off the top of your head. So where do you turn? The most likely place to find this information is in the medical records maintained by your family physician and by hospitals where you've received treatment. By law, every health care provider is required to maintain certain informat...