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  • Doctor Of Adventure

    May 1, 2005 by Valerie Knowles
    PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA-CO25327 As a physician and British Columbia statesman, John Sebastian Helmcken was well travelled by the late 1800s. British Columbia physician John Sebastian Helmcken had a lot of experience to draw upon when he sat down to write his memoirs in...
  • Keeping The Corps Together: Army, Part 58

    May 1, 2005 by Terry Copp
    PHOTOS: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA-PA001027; CO80027 From top: Soldiers wear gas masks while examining a rifle in 1917; Medical personnel tend to a soldier burned by mustard gas in WW I. The Canadians who captured Vimy Ridge in April 1917 were proud of their nickname,...
  • PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA-CO32270 H-class subs under construction at the Canadian Vickers Ltd. shipyard, Montreal, in 1916. In 1914, the modern submarine was completely untried in war, but its potential as a deadly weapon of stealth was widely understood. Indeed, near panic ensued off...
  • Godfrey Of The RCAF: Air Force, Part 9

    May 1, 2005 by Hugh A. Halliday
    PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA-PA114776 Air Vice-Marshal Albert Godfrey addresses personnel during a 1943 inspection at Gander, Nfld. Albert Earl Godfrey was a remarkable Royal Canadian Air Force officer, proud of two accomplishments above all else. One was having held, from 1910 to 1944, virtually...
  • The New Canadian War Museum

    May 1, 2005 by Legion Magazine
    PHOTO: CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM The title of our main story says it all: The Dream Comes True. We have a new Canadian War Museum opening in Ottawa on May 8, 2005, the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. The museum...
  • Manna From Heaven

    May 1, 2005 by Ted Barris
    PHOTOS: HANS ONDERWATER; HARVEY GOTTFRIED From top: Thankful civilians in the western Netherlands collect food parcels after they are dropped by Allied aircraft; an Operation Manna aircrew poses in front of their Lancaster bomber in April 1945. The following is an excerpt from Days of...
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