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  • Hand Me My Pistol, Please

    January 1, 2005 by Hugh A. Halliday
    PHOTO: NEW BRUNSWICK MUSEUM, SAINT JOHN, N.B.–29942 A set of duelling pistols comes with powder. Between 1646 and 1948, some 300 duelling incidents were recorded in what is now Canadian territory. These ranged from challenges delivered (but not accepted) through to formal combats, many bloodless...
  • Fateful Decisions On The Somme: Army, Part 56

    January 1, 2005 by Terry Copp
    PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA–PA000909 Wounded soldiers receive treatment during the Battle of Courcelette, Sept. 15, 1916. By February 1916 the situation confronting the British Empire and France was incredibly bleak. The failure of the 1915 offensives on the Western Front and the crushing defeat...
  • Menace Below The Surface: Navy, Part 7

    January 1, 2005 by Marc Milner
    PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA–PA171102 Workers add the finishing touches to two drifters being built for the navy at Lauzon, Que., in 1917. The attack on Allied merchant shipping off New England in October 1916 by U-53 changed Canada’s naval requirements overnight, and laid the...
  • Canadian Content In The RAF: Air Force, Part 7

    January 1, 2005 by Hugh A. Halliday
    photo: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA–C-086058 Percival S. Turner in 1941. At the outbreak of World War II, the Royal Canadian Air Force had 4,061 personnel, including 512 pilots. Overseas, Royal Air Force ranks included roughly 900 Canadians who had previously joined that force; approximately 700...
  • This Coming Spring

    January 1, 2005 by Tom MacGregor
    PhotoS: Tom MacGregor Clockwise from top: Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, near Nijmegen in the Netherlands, has 2,338 Canadian graves; Hundreds of Dutch military personnel drop from the sky in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Operation Market Garden; The Keep Them Rolling Association displays vintage...
  • In Belgium They Remember

    January 1, 2005 by Tom MacGregor
    Photo: Tom MacGregor David Clark (third from left) steps forward to place flowers on his brother’s grave in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery. Belgian children sit nervously waiting for the end of the three-hour ceremony at Adegem Canadian War Cemetery. Their part in the placing of...
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