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Month: January 2004

O Canada

Voyageurs On The Nile

The Nile Voyageurs negotiate the river's second cataract in November 1884. For nearly 400 Canadians it was a winter like no other. Instead of the snow and sub-zero temperatures of their native land, they faced the soaring heat and sun-scorched desert of the Sudan in far-off sub-Saharan Africa. It was the winter of 1884-85, and the Canadians were there because they were skilled in handling small boats on rough river waters. The boatmen and lumbermen--many of them Indians--were attached to British General Sir Garnet Wolseley's Nile expedition. Their job was to help rescue Major-General Charles Gordon who was besieged at the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, located on the Nile approximately 2,000 kilometres south of Cairo, Egypt. The expedition marked the first time t...
Defence Today

Canada’s Military Ethos

by David J. Bercuson However the concept "profession of arms" is described in modern terms, it is always defined as having an "unlimited liability" to the political masters who direct the military and ultimately to the society from which the military springs. In the plainest of terms, the professional soldier--and by definition sailor and airperson--is unlimited in his or her military responsibilities and, if necessary, must offer up his or her life in the achievement of the mission goal. This concept is clearly stated in the new publication issued last fall by Chi...
Defence Today

Canadian Soldiers Receive British Medal

Top: General Ray Hénault presents the British Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone to Master Warrant Officer Ken Zack. Above: Officers salute during the presentation ceremony. In a ceremony at Ottawa's Cartier Square Drill Hall, General Ray Hénault, the chief of defence staff, presented 35 members of the Canadian Forces with a new operational service medal from Britain. The British Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone was authorized by the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom in June 2002. The medal recognizes those ...
Defence Today

New Armoured Vehicles Announced After Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

by Ray Dick A United States Army Stryker armoured vehicle moves out during exercises at Fort Polk, La. The Canadian version will also have a 105-millimetre gun. Canadian soldiers who go in harm's way on missions to world trouble spots will be getting some new light-armoured vehicles with bigger guns under a recently announced government procurement policy that will cost more than $500 million over the next two years. Defence Minister John McCallum says the government will purchase 66 light-armoured Stryker vehicles, eight-wheeled ...

Pausing To Reflect

From top: Fisherman Barry Sullivan remembers while on his boat at Herring Cove, N.S.; businessmen pause for remembrance on Bay Street in downtown Toronto; Leonard Epp of Rockwood Bison pauses while at the farm north of Stonewall, Man.; participating in a candlelight service at Yellowknife, N.W.T., are Lelani, Christine and Linda De Guzman—members of an Inuit family. Even though he was busy making repairs to his hurricane-damaged boat, Barry Sullivan of Herring Cove, N.S., knew exactly what he had to do at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, ...

An Italian Remembrance

Illustrations and story by Jennifer Morse Clockwise from top left: Student Celene Montgomery arrives at Canadian College Italy in Lanciano; college history teacher Dennis Makowetsky (left) chats with author Saverio Di Tullio during a visit to the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery; Cristina D'Alessandro (left) and Christine Tessaro (centre) sing at the Remembrance Day ceremony; Eric Pilon, Eric Rumi and Dai Yokoyama visit graves at Moro River Canadian War Cemetery; Jessica Melchiorre and David Muncaster in class; Francesca LaSorda, 83, shares a moment with students (from left) Zale Mednick, Celene Montgomery, Christine Tessaro, Aram Barra and Gordon Urquhart. The leaves in Italy change colour only a few weeks after our own trees lose their leaves, and the cream and o...

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