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Day: September 1, 2003

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by James Hale From top: KVA organizer Clyde Bougie signs the registry at the Korea National War Cemetery in Seoul, South Korea in 1978; KVA members arrive for the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance ceremony in 1997. "Bands were playing when we left, but we came home to nobody," says Ken Blampied of Lethbridge, Alta., reflecting on how he entered and left the Korean War. "The government didn't promise us anything and that's exactly what we got." "Our treatment was really shabby," echoes Donald Urquhart of Richmond, B.C., who served for 22 years in the Canadian Forces, beginning in 1944. "We expected some...

Winning With Reinforcements: Army, Part 48

Canadian army engineers construct a Bailey bridge across the Rhine River near Emmerich in April 1945. This instalment of Canadian Military History In Perspective was written in June 2003 just after I received an advance copy of my new book, Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy. Regular readers of this series will not be surprised to learn that the book pays tribute to the achievements of the Canadian army and establishes a new balance sheet in which success greatly outweighs failure. The destruction of two Ge...

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