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Day: September 1, 2003

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Legion Grant Helps Nijmegen Marchers

Dennis Stow (left) chats with Dominion Grand President Charles Belzile during the official send-off for the Canadian contingent in the Nijmegen Marches. With the Canadian flag being carried proudly by Legionnaire Dennis Stow of Pembroke, Ont., Branch, a representative team of regular and reserve military members, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Legion and even parliamentary marchers entered the square in front of the Canadian War Museum July 9 for the official send-off to the 87th four-day marches in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. "Canada has been participating in...
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Hard Lessons At Sea

Throughout World War II, the Royal Canadian Navy was called upon to participate in virtually every phase of the war at sea. The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous battle of that war. It began in September 1939 and ended in May 1945. The RCN's main role was to enable as many merchant ships as possible to reach their destinations, which was achieved by forming merchant ships into convoys protected by warships. We are pleased to present the following excerpt from the recently released book No Higher Purpose: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Na...
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Tanks For The Memories

by Ray Dick Top: Members of the Royal Canadian Dragoons load ammo into a Leopard tank during Exercise Resolute Warrior at CFB Wainwright, Alta. Bottom: Soldiers attend a briefing prior to heading out to the exercise area. The Battle River that in recent times has flowed rather peacefully through the valleys and plains of central Alberta lived up to its militant name last April as some 4,600 soldiers and airmen from across the country gathered at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright for Exercise Resolute Warrior, the largest military manoeu...
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Centred On A Cause

Story and photos by Dan Black Top: Faces on the Remembrance And Renewal sculpture appear to look into the Juno Beach Centre at Courseulles-sur-Mer. Inset: Juno Beach Centre Association President Garth Webb at the opening ceremony; bottom: Juno Beach Centre Association associate director and Legionnaire Doug Shanks finds his name on one of the kiosks outside the centre. The old faces tell the story. You can see it in their eyes and in the lines across their foreheads: the landing craft coming i...
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Canadians In Italy

by Mark Zuehlke Top: General Sir Bernard Montgomery addresses Canadian troops from an amphibious vehicle in Pachino, Sicily. Middle: The PPCLI crawls through barbed wire advancing toward Adrano, Sicily. Bottom: A Christmas meal is served in San Vito, Italy for troops returning to battle. It was the invasion Canada could have sat out. Indeed, neither the British nor the Americans had requested Canadian participation. Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and Lieutenant...

Deadly Nights In Cyprus

by Uwe U. Beyer Hostilities between Turkish and Greek Cypriots had been waning for years, but deep-rooted animosity between each faction was still a significant hindrance to peace and stability in 1974, 10 years after the United Nations had established a peacekeeping force on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. On July 20, 1974, Turkish forces from mainland Turkey invaded the northern half of the island and entered the cities of Kyrenia and Famagusta. In relatively short order, brief engagements were fought. A protracted war wasn't expected, nor did one materialize...

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