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Month: July 2003

O Canada

Door-To-Door Bookstores

A depiction of a 19th century book agent canvassing a farmer. "Success in book selling is not a matter of luck," advises a small pamphlet written at the beginning of the 20th century for new door-to-door agents who had signed on to peddle a special memorial edition on Queen Victoria. "No matter how valuable or attractive a book may be," it continues, "the strong features must be shown and the customer convinced that it is valuable for himself or family before an order can be taken." This sage advice was given time and time again to new book canvasse...
Defence Today

Canadians In Korea

by Ted Barris From top: Members of 3 PPCLI read a letter from "unit sweetheart" Rose Marie Stumpf in June 1953; Canadian soldiers move in single file across a valley in May 1951; Canadian medical personnel tend to a wounded soldier in the spring of 1951; shells are loaded into a gun on a Canadian destroyer involved in the bombardment of batteries at Inchon, Korea; .Canadian personnel enjoy a bit of gambling on board a ship in April 1951. On a late spring day in 1999, when they posed for news cameras at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Canadian veterans Jim Gunn and Ina McGregor looked totally at...

With The Guns In Korea

by Don Dalke The story of how I got to serve in the Korean War begins in 1944 when I joined the army cadets at Lethbridge, Alta. I was 14 at the time, but worked my way through to become an officer. When I turned 18 I joined the 20th Field Battery Militia, and was a sergeant when I enrolled in the command contingent course at Camp Shilo, Man., in May 1950. In August 1950--less than seven weeks after North Korea invaded South Korea--the Canadian government authorized the recruitment of the Canadian Army Special Force. The CASF was to be trained and equipped to fulfil Canada's obligation...

My Day At The Wall

by Jack LaChance Jack LaChance stands next to the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance in Brampton, Ont. The dedication of the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance on July 27, 1997, was one of the most meaningful and solemn days of my life. Up until that day, I had--for personal reasons--not participated in any Korean War commemorations because I thought it best to bury my thoughts and feelings about the war. But the dedication ceremony at the Meadowvale Cemetery in the southern Ontario city of Brampton was an event I could not mi...
O Canada

Our New Citizens

Indonesian-born Kreato Adi Wijaya, 9, and his sister Majoli, 7, are among those taking the oath at a Toronto ceremony. On a cold, dull April afternoon in Toronto, people begin gathering in the basement of a library in Parkdale, one of the most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in Toronto. They range in age from toddlers to advanced middle age. They hail from 30 different nations, including Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burundi, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Hungary, India, Iraq, Israel and Uzbekistan. No matter where they are from, they are all ...
War Art

Canadian Airmen And Airwomen In The Korean War

Dan Ryan's painting Towards Their Final Destination. In a new venture by author Carl Mills, 18 paintings were commissioned over the last few years to complement his upcoming book titled Canadian Airmen And Airwomen In The Korean War. All but two of these canvases were painted by members of the Canadian Aviation Artists Association. Mills also identified eight existing paintings that will be added to the mix to depict army and navy participation. The author's research for the new art was extensive: every detail is taken into account, from weather to altitude to terrain. He selected extraordinary moments in the Korean War, and ensured the historical accuracy of each painting. For example, Canadian Pacific Airlines flew more than 700 airlifts for the United States army dur...

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