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Day: January 1, 2003

O Canada

Peace River Country

From top: Wheat grower Herman Trelle was "outstanding" in his field during the late '20s; freshly cut timber is loaded onto the D.A. Thomas somewhere along the Peace River in August 1921. When my grandfather, Tom Kerr, rode on horseback from the Hudson's Bay Company post at Fort Dunvegan on the Peace River in 1881 with an axe and orders to build a simple log trading post on "la Grande Prairie," the young company labourer could not have imagined what the future held for the region. He had no way of knowing there were "diamonds on the sol...
War Art

Rowley Walter Murphy

Seamen on Jetty Being Instructed on Bends and Hitches. Rowley Walter Murphy was a precise artist. Every painting was carefully rendered and demonstrated his love affair with ships and Canada's World War II navy, and each painting was one more opportunity to explore the moods of our lakes and oceans. Born in Toronto on May 28, 1891, Murphy studied at the Toronto Technical School, the Central Ontario School of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He taught at the Ontario College of Art from 1931 until he joined the war effort and was employed painting ship camouflage designs from 1941­42. At least three ships were painted with his designs, namely His Majesty's Canadian Ship Hamilton, HMCS Annapolis and HMCS Assiniboine. His designs were most effective in the daytim...
Defence Today

Engineering An Anniversary On The Trans Canada Trail

by Tom MacGregor Members of the 44th Field Engineer Squadron construct a 40-metre Bailey bridge at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area near Creston, B.C., in September 1999. The bridge, which is on the Trans Canada Trail, is named after Master Corporal Mark Isfeld, affectionately known as Izzy, who was killed removing land mines in Croatia in 1994. The Trans Canada Trail is nearing completion but it still has gaps where there are rivers and ravines to cross. The challenge of building bridges for these gaps has ...
Defence Today

Canadians Honoured For Afghanistan Service

Top: Marley Léger accepts the South-West Asia Service Medal awarded posthumously to her husband, Sergeant Marc Léger who was one of the four Canadian soldiers killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, from Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. Above: Master Corporal Eric Normand Savard accepts his medal. The first several hundred of an estimated 7,000 or more Canadians who participated in and continue to serve on land, sea and in the air on operations against terrorism in Afghanistan and neighbouring Asian countries since the de...
Defence Today

Military Looking For Budget Solutions

by Ray Dick The men and women of the under-manned, under-equipped and stressed-out Canadian Forces are looking for financial relief from an upcoming federal budget after a summer of discontent and a possible request for even more Canadian military support for looming conflicts in the Middle East. One hopeful sign, at least, is acknowledgement for the first time by both Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Defence Minister John McCallum that the Forces need more funding, a situation that both military and civilian officials and analysts and even the auditor general have been warning ...
Defence Today

Failing Grades From The U.S.

by David J. Bercuson The frigate Regina lies at dock before patrolling Canada's portion of the North American coastline. Pat Buchanan is well known as one of America's most acerbic right-wing political commentators. A former speech writer for the late president Richard Nixon, Buchanan has himself displayed presidential ambitions on a few occasions, both as a Republican and as an independent. Buchanan doesn't often comment on Canada but when he does, it's plain he hasn't got a lot of respect for this country's defence effort. When Foreign Affairs Minister ...

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