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Day: January 1, 2003

O Canada

Beware The Windigo

Ojibway artist Mary Ann Caibaiosai's depiction of the Windigo. Stories of the beast were often used to keep children from straying too far from villages. Transylvania has Count Dracula. Scotland has the Loch Ness monster. Florida has the Sasquatch Skunk Ape of the Everglades and Canada has the Windigo! What is a Windigo? It is something like a werewolf on steroids. It stands more than six metres tall in its bare feet, looks like a walking corpse and smells like rotting meat. It has long, stringy hair and a heart of ice. Sometimes a Windigo breathes fire. It can...

A Look Back

by Stan Scislowski No civilian can expect to know the deep feelings that can well up in a war veteran when he visits the site of his greatest trial and efforts in the war. Those who have never heard the unholy din of battle, smelled the dead or inhaled the stifling smoke and fumes of a shell that fell much too close for comfort cannot come close to understanding the feeling that touches those of us who have known these things and more. It is almost as though we veterans still cannot believe we had come through it all. How can anyone expect his wife, children, grandc...

Nightly Messages in The Congo

by Dan Danyluk It was April 1961. Two miles south of the airport, heading into Albertville in what was then known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My driver pointed left, slowed the jeep, and spoke: "Yesterday. That's where they killed and ate the Irish patrol." "All 13?" I asked, confirming the news I had heard earlier in the capital city of Leopoldville. "Yup! Hacked them up with pangas--you know, machetes. Guess they were hungry--those Balubas." The driver's casual reasoning startled me. But being exhausted, I said nothing. Instead, my tired mind retraced the events...

Mission To Sierra Leone

by Major John Egan The author pauses during a live-fire exercise near the Songo River in Sierra Leone in 2001. The Hercules dove to within 200 feet of the Atlantic as it came up on the coast of Sierra Leone. Tilting left, then right to avoid potential missile or gunfire, the aircraft was not far above the water when it lifted up slightly to pass over two fishing boats and a small freighter. To the south, I could see the capital of Freetown, our home base for the next six months. After crossing over a beach, the big plane cleared a palm forest b...

The Pride Of Yarmouth

by Tom MacGregor From left: Wreaths were placed at the town cenotaph immediately after the church service; Memorial Club member Courtney Clayton visits with Veterans Place resident George LeBlanc; veterans join in singing O Canada. The white T-shirts and red windbreakers are as familiar to the veterans at remembrance services in Yarmouth, N.S., as the red tunic of the Mounties or the uniforms of those serving in the military or The Royal Canadian Legion. They are the dress of the young people who belong to the Memorial Club, an innovative group of middle and high school students who are not afraid to show their respect of country, veterans and seniors. These students were out in full force at this year's Remembrance Day ceremony despite inclement weather that...

A Heartfelt Remembrance

by Ray Dick From top: Nepean, Ont., resident J. Roger MacPherson, who served during peacetime with the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, looks on during the national Remembrance Day ceremony; the Governor General flanked by Silver Cross Mother Doreen Coolen and Dominion President Allan Parks. The thousands of war veterans, military members and other Canadians who gathered at the National War Memorial waited patiently on the morning of Nov. 11 under threatening skies for the Remembrance Day ceremony to begin...

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