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Month: November 2002

Defence Today

Mending The Militia

by Ray Dick The struggles of the Canadian military to provide an effective fighting force to cope with an increasing workload of domestic responsibility and international commitments despite years of budget cuts and manpower loss have become well known both at home and abroad. What is less well known is the plight of the country's citizen soldiers--the land force reserves, or militia, with its proud traditions and regimental ties that date back in some cases to before Canada was a country. With 133 units scattered through 125 cities and tow...
O Canada

War Veterans In The Wilderness

  Hearty, strong immigrants, United Empire Loyalists hacking a solid farm out of the woods, the simple life of Upper Canada: These are the images that draw us back to an idyllic time when anyone with an ambition could carve a home in Canada's wilderness. But the peopling of the Canadian frontier in the 1820s was much more complex. Land speculators hoarded entire townships of the best farmland and squatters fought to hang onto their land. And around the same time, a sad and forgotten wave of immigrants was shipped to Canada, perhaps the worst group of pioneers London could have a...

Desert Duty On The Iraqi Border

by Uwe U. Beyer Iraq and Kuwait. Two Muslim countries with social, economic and military differences and yet both identical in many other ways. Both are rich in oil resources and both are over 95 per cent desert. In early August 1990, Iraq attacked Kuwait under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Expecting little resistance from western countries, Iraq violated Kuwait and set forth a series of events that would lead to the Persian Gulf War. The war, which pitted a powerful international coalition of forces against Iraq, ended in 1991 when Iraq's military was decimated. Following the war, the United...

Membership Has Its Advantages

by Rhonda Lee Stephenson For six months in 1989, beginning in May and ending in October, I was retained by Club Med International to perform as an entertainer at their Turquoise location in the Turks and Caicos Islands. My "swabbing-the-deck" job by day was to manage the resort drugstore. During September our little island of Providenciales, located southeast of the Bahamas, was threatened by extremely bad weather. It was standard procedure that all GOs or Gentil Organizateurs learned how to "batten down the hatches" quickly in case of emergency or evacuation. Sometime in the second ...

Scouting On The Afghan Frontier

by Leonard Richards Christmas Day, 1944. A mud-block fort in the Tochi Valley of North Waziristan, a few miles from Afghanistan's southern border, on the northwest frontier of India. Snow covered the ground and white topped mountains formed a background. I sat in my quarters, drinking a morning cup of tea. There was silence in and around the post, but this was soon broken by an approaching aircraft. I went outside and saw a Hurricane circle and then fly across the fort. As it did so, something fell. Parachutes opened and packages drifted to the ground. These were so...

Back To Dieppe

Story and photographs by Tom MacGregor Clockwise from top left: Dominion President Allan Parks views the deadly beaches; people of all ages turn out to cheer as the Canadian veterans march along the streets of Dieppe on the anniversary of the raid; crowds fill up the narrow gap at Puys. Frederick Nicholls was looking for names from the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry as his son Joseph pushed his wheelchair along the headstones in the Saint-Sever Cemetery in Rouen, France. Suddenly, Joseph stopped and said, "There's ...

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