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Month: January 2002


United By Remembrance

by Ray Dick Two female World War II veterans examine the display of wreaths. There was pride tempered with tears for lost sons and daughters as Canadians gathered at the National War Memorial on Remembrance Day to remember the sacrifices to past wars and conflicts. And although the sun shone brightly in Ottawa, the air was chilled by the wind and by the numbing shadow left over from last September's terrorist attacks in the United States. "A generation ago we defeated the forces of hatred, cruelty, tyranny and racism," Rabbi Reuven Bulka, honorary chaplain for The Royal Canadian Legion, told the crowd of 15,000 gathered under tight security in downtown Ottawa. "But the war against these ravaging intrusions on human decency is not over." "It is a s...
O Canada

The Honours We Bestow

  Canada's honours system includes (from left) the Companion of the Order of Canada; Officer of the Order of Canada; Member of the Order of Canada. It gives Canadians, without their asking, a deserved moment in the spotlight. It represents an honour to the individual and to the country. It answers a need for a uniquely Canadian way of recognizing excellence and enhancing our national identity. It's our honours system. At the centre of this system is a retired army general whose official title is Deputy Secretary to the Governor General, and w...
War Art

George Pepper

War artist George Pepper produced an impressive array of paintings. Above: Dead German Paratroopers. George Pepper painted with a quick intensity that seems consistent with his life. His days were filled with adventure and experience and he followed the call of his art through war and peace with equal enthusiasm, painting all the way. Born in Ottawa in 1903, Pepper moved to Toronto and studied at the Ontario College of Art. Restless, he went off to paint and further his studies in England, France and Italy. He eventually returned to Toronto and in 1930 he began teaching at the Ontario College of Art. In March 1943, Pepper answered another call. He enlisted as a war artist and served with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division in Northwest Europe. In the fie...
Defence Today

Eye On Defence: Needed: A New White Paper

by David J. Bercuson A peacekeeper performs gate security as an advance party prepares a camp for troops deployed to Eritrea, Africa. In November, the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies released a report that was 10 months in the making. Entitled To Secure a Nation: The Case for a New Defence White Paper, the 38-page report was based on 27 individual studies conducted by some of Canada's leading defence and security experts. The report argued that the 1994 Defence White Paper had b...
Defence Today

Struggling Canadian Forces Need Funding, Manpower

by Ray Dick After a decade of budget cuts andshrinking manpower, the Canadian Forces are caught in the worst of worlds with "conventional capabilities in decline and new capabilities unaffordable," says the Conference of Defence Associations, the country's largest pro-defence lobby group. In a report entitled Caught In The Middle: An Assessment Of The Operational Readiness Of The Canadian Forces, the CDA says what is needed is an immediate infusion of funds, and billions of dollars over the next several years just to put the Canadi...
Defence Today

Peacekeepers Organize For Comradeship, Support

by Ray Dick The fallout from a decade of stretching the Canadian Forces to the limit to meet a growing number of peacekeeping and other commitments around the world has become increasingly evident as former and serving members of the military seek help from national peacekeeping associations across the country. The greatest need of these returning soldiers, many of them stressed out from what they have been through in several rotations, is help in dealing with their trauma and re-establishing themselves in society, says Harold Leduc...

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