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Month: November 2001

Defence Today

These Boots They Did Some Walking

by Mac Johnston Lieutenant (Navy) Killer Kowalski (right) and some members of his Maritime Forces Atlantic team march during the victory parade. The loud, eerie sound at the foot of my bed pierced the damp air. Startled, I wondered what in the world was going on. Charge! Charge! Charge! the trumpet implored. Coming to my senses, I realized it was Reveille, even if it was only 03:00. That was the scene in the main Canadian military tent on Tuesday, July 17, ...

Taking Walcheren Island: Army, Part 38

The words Luctor et Emergo, which translate into I struggle and I emerge, were emblazoned on the crest of Zeeland long before World War II began. Much of Zeeland, the southernmost province of the Netherlands, is below sea level and the land must be protected by dikes and elaborate drainage schemes. The phrase "God made the world, but the Dutch made Holland" may not be true of the whole country, but it certainly applies in Zeeland. When the Germans occupied Holland and began construction of the Atlantic Wall they concentrated their efforts in Zeeland and particularly on Walcheren Island. By 1943, 11 ...

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