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Month: November 2001

O Canada

The Oil Springs Of Ontario

  A gusher that occurred in Petrolia in 1902. Before there was the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, before supertankers and pipelines, in 1858 there were two men with shovels and a swamp in Canada. One of the men was a luck-starved entrepreneur with the appropriate name of Tripp. The other was a steel-nerved businessman named Williams.   The swamp was in Lambton County in southwestern Ontario and in the 1850s it was one of the least settled regions in what was known as Canada West. The reason for its desolation was simple: While surrounding counties enjo...

Carving Out Our History

by Pat Sullivan   The Vimy Memorial turned 65 this year, and creator Walter Allward would have been pleased with the birthday presents. Not only did the federal government promise to spend millions repairing the monument, but the memorial and Allward himself became central characters in Canadian writer Jane Urquhart's fifth novel, The Stone Carvers. And with her new book came a new audience. "On a book tour you often attract a literary crowd, the same people who always go to readings," she explains. "But for this one people were coming and showing me pictures of great ...

Stuck In The Spin Cycle

by Graham Chandler   Cut throttle to idle. Ease back on the stick to maintain altitude, reducing airspeed by one knot per second. At five knots above stall speed, gradually feed in rudder so full input is achieved at the stall. Voila! We are in a standard spin. Now apply full opposite rudder and full forward stick to recover. Whoa! What we have here is a decidedly non-standard spin. Seven turns later our Musketeer trainer continued winding up in ever tighter turns. I heard a terrified: "What the f - - k?" from the pilot on my left as we drilled through 3,000 ...

Touched By Remembrance

by Laurel Driedger   I remember what we did for remembrance when I was in grade school. All the students cut little poppies from red construction paper and then placed them around the classroom. Sometimes there would be a banner with the words Lest We Forget. Later, when we entered the higher grades, our teachers would ask us to recite Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae's poem In Flanders Fields. We could also count on an annual visit from an old gentleman wearing a suit, a beret and a row of war medals. The war veterans who visited our school in Domin...

Warding Off The Loneliness

by Bill Thompson   Several years ago I worked as an orderly in a veterans residential care facility at London, Ont. Known affectionately as The Wing, the facility was comprised of several pavilions surrounded by acres of woodland. The buildings, which were named after eight western Ontario counties, overlooked a large pond that attracted geese and other small creatures.For the veterans who lived there, The Wing was a paradise--a Garden of Eden--within the busy city. For me, it was a good place to work--a place where I met some remarkable people and where I learned how ...

On The Path Of Remembrance

by Mac Johnston Standing at the Vimy Memorial in France, the youth leaders are: (front, from left): Marcus Munro of Elkford, B.C., Keith Raike of Deer Lake, Nfld., Louise Chapdelaine of Waterloo, Que., Lester Davison of Kensington, P.E.I., Mark Christiansen of Thunder Bay, Ont., Andréa Villeneuve of Timmins, Ont., (rear) Terry Brideau of Val-Comeau, N.B., Marina Clayton-Theriault of Windsor, N.S., Kathleen Salt of Slave Lake, Alta., and Leo Twerdin of Iqaluit, Nunavut. In its continuing quest to spread the concept ...

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