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  • The West Coast Salmon Rush

    November 1, 1999 by Richard A. Rajala
    British Columbia’s commercial salmon fishery has garnered a great deal of media attention in recent years, dominated by the annual “fish wars” that have erupted over the way that the catch will be shared by Canadian and American fishers. International law suits, ferry seizures and...
  • Walking Through History

    November 1, 1999 by Legion Magazine
    Photographs by Marc Fowler of Metropolis Studio There is nothing like being there–among the rows of white headstones–to realize why it is so important to remember Canada’s wartime sacrifices. You can read about it and hear about it, but it is hard to appreciate what...
  • Pilgrimage To The Pyrénées

    November 1, 1999 by Mac Johnston
    In an isolated spot high in the French Pyrénées, a group of 30-odd pilgrims from Chatham, Ont., gathered in July to honour one of their own lost in WW II. To pull back the shroud of time that has enveloped Pilot Officer Leslie Arthur Peers,...
  • Of Glaciers And Grizzlies

    November 1, 1999 by Laura Byrne Paquet
    One of the great ironies of Glacier National Park is that the reason it exists at all is also the greatest threat to its survival. “The number 1 challenge to the ecological integrity of the park is the national transportation corridor,” says John G. Woods,...