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  • Settling For Scrip

    May 1, 1999 by Jeffrey S. Murray
    “The mission of the…Half-breed Commission has been entirely successful,” boasted commissioners James Walker and Arthur Côté in their final report to the federal government’s minister of the interior. Writing from Calgary in the fall of 1899, Walker and Côté had every reason to be pleased...
  • A Capital In Bloom

    May 1, 1999 by Laura Byrne Paquet
    In January 1943, a foreign country’s flag flew from the top of the Peace Tower in Ottawa for the first and only time. Even though Canada was at war, the flag raising was not an aggressive act, but a symbol of joy. Princess Juliana of...
  • Pegi Nicol MacLeod

    May 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    Pegi Nicol MacLeod’s abiding respect for Canadian servicewomen is recognized in her war art. From top to bottom: Spoon Bouquet, Shy WRCN and Morning Parade. Pegi Nicol MacLeod’s paintings are alive with colour and curves. Her war art has a loose and easy style that...
  • by Bill Fairbairn The need to improve the quality of life for Canadian Forces personnel has been a recurring theme throughout this four-part series. In Part 4, the head of Canada’s navy explains why he thinks it is so important to address this concern. Vice-Admiral...
  • General Bernard Montgomery’s armoured blitzkrieg–Operation Goodwood–ended July 20, 1944, in a storm of rain and recriminations. Before the battle, Montgomery had talked confidently of a “real showdown on the eastern flank” with his armour reaching as far as Falaise. When the operation ended the industrial...
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