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  • The Heart Of Hockey

    January 1, 1999 by Roy MacGregor
    Long after I had stopped asking about Santa Claus, I still believed that hockey in this country was a creation of The Royal Canadian Legion. In the fall of 1956, the year I turned eight, my mother gave me the two dollars necessary to sign...
  • Solemn Moments In Mons

    January 1, 1999 by Legion Magazine
    by Ray Dick “I was in a trench on the outskirts of Mons when the firing stopped,” said Fred Evans, a 101-year-old WW I veteran from Summerville, N.B., while gazing out over the now-peaceful Belgian countryside he hadn’t seen for 80 years. Evans was part...
  • Korea: A Landscape Of Wartime Memories

    January 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    At first glance, South Korea looks like a landscape artist’s paradise. There are tree-covered hills rising in every direction and cities teeming with people. There are also war cemeteries decorated with bonsai trees that look like swirls of soft ice cream. It’s hard to square...
  • The Dawning Of Nunavut

    January 1, 1999 by Lynn Hancock
    The clock atop the Parniavuk Building in the capital city of Iqaluit on Baffin Island ticks away the days to the birth of Nunavut. Close by, construction workers, rugged against the cold of the arctic winter, are rushing to finish Nunavut’s new Legislative Assembly building....
  • Robert Buckham

    January 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    Art was Robert Buckham’s life—or at least his sanity. It got him through the hell of two forced marches during his time as a PoW in Germany during WW II. From top to bottom: On The March, April 1945; RAF Polish Officer. Born in Toronto...
  • by Tom MacGregor In Part 1 of this series we explained how the Department of National Defence is attempting to cut costs while maintaining a combat-ready force. In Part 2, we take a look at the challenges facing the army, the largest of the military’s...
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