Archive for November, 1998

  • The Scrap That Made A Difference

    November 1, 1998 by James M. Whalen
    In 1982, the first blue box hit the curb in Kitchener, Ont., and shortly thereafter the initiative for recycling waste material spread across Canada. As the three Rs–Reuse, Recycle and Reduce–became catchwords of the environmental movement, Canadians underwent a change in attitude. Many materials previously...
  • Where History Flows

    November 1, 1998 by Bill Fairbairn
    Paddling down the Peace River in northern Alberta, Max Finkelstein is on the last stretch of an overland journey from the British Columbia coastal fishing village of Bella Coola to Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca. It’s July and Finkelstein is paddling on behalf of the...
  • Florence Wyle

    November 1, 1998 by Jennifer Morse
    Florence Wyle’s bronze sculptures depict women and men at work on the home front. From top to bottom: Woman With Adapter; Furnace Man. For sculptor Florence Wyle, WW I brought welcome relief from chronic poverty. It came in the form of a commission from the...
  • by Tom MacGregor Legion Magazine is pleased to present a four-part series that takes a close-up look at today’s Canadian Armed Forces. We begin with an overview on how the Department of National Defence is attempting to cut costs while maintaining a combat-ready force. Reflecting...
  • Allied Bombing In Normandy: Army, Part 23

    November 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    The ongoing debate over the role of Bomber Command in WW II generally ignores the contribution made to the direct defeat of the German army. If the role of heavy bombers in Normandy is discussed the emphasis is on the bombing of Caen or the...

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