Archive for May, 1998

  • Pride In The Red Serge

    May 1, 1998 by Bill Fairbairn
    My only run-in with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came on the ice at Williams Lake, B.C. It was 30 years ago and my first winter in Canada. I was news editor for the Williams Lake Tribune and the media and police were hockey rivals...
  • Our Fabulous Flora

    May 1, 1998 by Marla Fletcher
    Probably every Canadian has heard, maybe even hummed, the 1956 Woody Guthrie folk classic “This Land is Your Land”–preferably the Canadian version. As a child, I had a vivid image of the phrase: “As I was walking that ribbon of highway/I saw above me that...
  • Aba Bayefsky

    May 1, 1998 by Jennifer Morse
    The recurring theme of skeletons characterizes the work of Aba Bayefsky. From top to bottom: Belsen Concentration Camp—The Pit; All Quiet on the Western Front; Remembering The Holocaust. Many war artists had a bitter time recording the images of war, but few more so than...
  • Preserving The Atlantic Lifeline

    May 1, 1998 by Legion Magazine
    by Commander Tony German The month of May marks the 55th anniversary of the longest continuous battle of WW II–the Battle of the Atlantic. In this article, author Tony German takes a look back at the Canadian contribution to victory at sea. On Sept. 4,...
  • Peacekeeping Operations: A Progress Report

    May 1, 1998 by Legion Magazine
    by Ray Dick “It has been pretty busy around here,” says Lieutenant-Colonel Roy Forestell as he shuffles through operations reports on Canadian troops serving on peacekeeping missions and other operations around the world. In a quieter area of the tightly locked National Defence operations centre...
  • The Airborne On D-Day: Army, Part 21

    May 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    When historians really immerse themselves in the world inhabited by the men who planned the invasion of France in 1944, two things quickly become evident. Everyone expressed confidence that the operation would succeed and everyone feared it might fail. It was this nightmare of “the...

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