Archive for October, 1996

  • In A Grandfather’s Footsteps

    October 1, 1996 by Legion Magazine
    by Dan Black On Nov. 22, 1916, my grandfather was lying in the mud near the recently captured Regina Trench north of Courcelette, France. For as far as the eye could see, the land surrounding the farmboy from Almonte, Ont., had been blown apart and...
  • The Germany Zone

    October 1, 1996 by Legion Magazine
    by Dan Black Thomas Andrews is tired, but he’s not ready to shut it down for the night. The 72-year-old Legion zone commander is sitting behind the wheel of his parked Nissan station-wagon. It’s well past midnight, and you’d think he’d want to say good...
  • The Role Of Jill Canuck: Army, Part 12

    October 1, 1996 by Terry Copp
    History, according to one definition, is a word with three distinct meanings. First it refers to the actual events that took place in the past, then the memory of those events and finally the historian’s attempt to understand and interpret the surviving evidence. The third...

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