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Month: September 1996

Defence Today

Forever Comrades

by Dan Black reu’nion (-nyon) n. 1. reuniting or being reunited; reunited state. 2. social gathering, esp. of intimates or persons with common interest. Eighty-year-old Jim McDonald is in a pretty good mood when he swings his feet out of bed and plants them on his bedroom floor in Cornwall, Ont. It’s just after 8:30 in the morning: In a few hours Jim’s wartime buddy, Mac Cameron, will arrive in his Chevy station-wagon and the two will head over to pick up Jim’s younger brother, John Angus (Angie). The objective for all three on this rainy Saturday morning in June is the 49th annual Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders reunion, taking place an hour’s drive west in Brockville, Ont. Two days have been marked on the calendar for this social event but Jim, Angie and Mac w...

The Bomber Command Offensive: Army, Part 11

The May 1996 issue offers another in the series of reflective articles addressed to veterans by Douglas Fisher, in which he tries to explain why Canadians take "such little pride in the mighty achievements of WW II," comparatively less than their American or British counterparts. He offers a number of reasons, including the tendency of postwar writers and producers to focus on "what had gone wrong, not on what had gone well."Fisher continues, "In this litany of agony and injustice were the capture of Hong Kong, the removal of the Japanese and Japanese Canadians from the British Columbia coast, the Dieppe raid, the western Atlantic convoy troubles, and the brutal bombing of German cities and civilians by the Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force…a catalogue of Canadian disasters and ...

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