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Month: June 1996


The Air Over Dieppe: Army, Part 9

A visit to Dieppe, France, can be a very emotional experience for Canadians. Others may walk the beaches and enjoy the sunshine and chalk cliffs where Monet and other painters found inspiration, but for Canadians the memorials at Puys, Pourville and Dieppe raise questions that crowd out these simple seaside pleasures. How, we ask ourselves, could the tragedy of Aug. 19, 1942, have happened?This mood is evident when students participating in the Canadian Battle of Normandy Foundation study tour reach Dieppe. All of them have just completed two weeks of study of the Normandy battlefields where they walked the invasion beaches, studied the struggle in the bridgehead and examined the operations that led to the defeat of the German army. They’re aware that victory depended on absolute air su...

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