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  • The BCEL At 75

    May 1, 1996 by Legion Magazine
    by Tom MacGregor “This conference has taken on more the nature of a pilgrimage to the site of our founding,” Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh told delegates to the British Commonwealth Ex-Services League conference in Cape Town, South Africa. “I could almost feel (the...
  • Neglected In South Africa

    May 1, 1996 by Legion Magazine
    by Tom MacGregor Private W.J. Ross of the Royal Canadian Regiment died in Cape Town, South Africa, March 6, 1900. However, his final resting place remains a mystery to Tony Gordon and fellow members of South Africa’s British War Graves Committee. Like most Canadian casualties...
  • Paul Goranson

    May 1, 1996 by Jennifer Morse
    The life of airmen during wartime as visualized by Paul Goranson. From top to bottom: Posted to Newfie; Fitters At Work; Raid On San Guisto-Pisa There’s a look of positive acceptance on the face of the young air force corporal as he steadies himself in...
  • Selective Reasoning In WW II: Army, Part 8

    May 1, 1996 by Terry Copp
    Churchill and Mackenzie King Have struggled on for years; What good without psychologists, Are blood, sweat and tears? But now the Bott Battalion’s on its way, So give three cheers The war will soon be won! Who will break the news to Hitler That Bott...