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Humour Hunt appears in every issue. We are looking for short, original items about life in the Canadian military, in a military family or in the police services. Readers whose contributions are used will receive a $25 payment. Unfortunately, we cannot acknowledge or comment upon submissions.

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Unit Reunions supports efforts to maintain bonds of service. It encompasses army, navy, air force, merchant navy, RCMP and cadets. These notices are particularly time sensitive. We strongly recommend you send us the information at least six months before the event so that the notice can be published far enough in advance to allow individuals time to make plans to attend.

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Member Benefits Package
Member Benefits Package




A MAN ALONE by Peter Court. The wartime experiences of Robert (Bob) Robinson as a British soldier in India and Burma in World War II included facing mutiny in his platoon. A Canadian citizen since 1954, he has taken part in many Remembrance Day marches in West Vancouver. Cost: £12.95, Postage £4. Order from: Woodfield Publishing Limited, Bognor Regis PO 21 5EL England.




November 3-16, 2014. Join us as we follow the young Canadians in the First Division from their landing in Sicily, through the battles for the Moro River, Ortona, and the Liri Valley, on to the Gothic Line, finishing near Ravenna at the Savio, Lamone and Senio Rivers. Note: tour revolves around participation in the Remembrance Day Ceremony, Moro River Cemetery on November 11.  Contact Ellison Travel & Tours 800-265-7022 or  Visit for tour details.



2014 HMCS/CFB CORNWALLIS REUNION August 22-August 25, 2014

The Cornwallis Reunion is open to all who served and trained in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia between 1942-1994. We welcome members of the military, former members of HMCS Acadia and civilian employees who assisted in the upkeep and operation of the base. For more information, please see our website at or call Toll Free: 1-888-830-4466.